paradise custom displays

Tissue paper, carton board, chipboard, printed litho,
wood, corrugated. These are just a few of the materials
we combine to create unique, eye-catching counter and
floor displays.
From self-shippers that hold and display product to
free standing floor displays, we design and produce
displays that grab and hold attention to your product.

paradise custom displays

That’s some bag, girlfriend
Floor standing paperboard display
with tissue ships complete to the
retail outlets for easy assembly.

paradise custom displays

All in one
Self-shipping counter display
maximizes point-of-sale impact.

paradise custom displays
paradise custom displays

Tall display
This two piece counter
display creates a great
angular presentation of the
commemorative metal tin.

Just try it!
Stepped counter display
and tester.

Shall I wrap that?
Display with header holds
cartons and gift wrap papers.