Visibly different
When your requirement is both product visibility
and a beautiful package, our clear folding cartons
meet the need squarely. Our soft crease folding
boxes can be decorated using silkscreen printing,
foil stamping or beautiful full-color graphics to fit
any graphic motif and allowing for any degree
of product visibility.
With virtually any construction design available,
including hang tabs, glued bottoms, security locks
and much more, these structures are only limited
by the bounds of imagination.

Unique Shapes
Your package can have eye-
catching appeal through unique
structural design.
Our designers, using the latest
design systems and software,
will turn your ideas into workable
prototypes for your review.

Combination Packaging Often times a plain,
clear plastic outer carton combined with a
strikingly printed paperboard insert provides
full product visibility and a wonderful
billboard for your brand message.

Heavy, soft wall bags
Heavy duty walls, locks,
snaps handles and catches
make these bags great
keeper packages.

Unique Materials In addition to our clear plastics, we offer a number of semi-transparent and translucent “smokey” look materials to provide a mysterious level of semi-visibility to your product.

Contoured sleeves Our curved sleeves
envelop your product with a soft, rounded
feel that jumps out from the rectangular
box world of retail packaging.